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Australia-US Alliance: The Assimilation Policy- Control Over Aboriginal People- Essay Writing Assignment

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Essay Writing Assignment:


  1. What are the potential challenges facing the Australia-US alliance? Do these challenges mean that Australia needs to reconsider its continued reliance on the US for security?
  2. The way that Australia becomes a republic is of greater importance than the system that is accepted by the citizens of Australia through a referendum. Discuss.
  3. In the 21st century Australians seem more emotionally attached to Anzac Day, a military event that occurred 100 years ago. Discuss.
  4. The assimilation policy put in place between the 1930s and the 1960s has been viewed as a form of control over Aboriginal people. However, assimilation policies were also introduced in an attempt to identify a single Australian identity to ensure unity in Australian society. Discuss.

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