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Assessment Specification for ITECH1001 – Federation University Australia

Annotated bibliography

Tasks : 

1) The group is required to develop an initial mind map on the topic that they have chosen. The mind map will be basis for the annotated bibliography evaluating the resources investigated and will be further developed in the Group Report task.

2) Each member of the group should be allocated one part of the mind map for their individual work.

3) Each member of the group is required to work by themselves to create an annotated bibliography using the templates provided in this document.

4) Three different types of resources are to be used; these being a journal article, a book, and a website (excluding Wikipedia). You are only required to complete one of each type for the assignment, however you may elect to complete more to assist you with your group report.

5) Your annotated bibliography should include a summary of the resource, an evaluation and the reason(s) why the resource has been selected for use. Writing should be completed using correct spelling and grammatically correct paragraphs. Bullet points/lists should be used sparingly. Overuse of bullet points and/or lists will result in marks being deducted. As a guide, each annotated bibliography should be approximately one (1) page in length.

6) Your annotated bibliography should be completed using the templates provided at the end of this document.

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