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Animal’s habits and adaptation- Bio science assignment

Internal code- MAS3782

Bio science assignment


Question 1- In your own words, write a paragraph that describes what you already know about your animal and its environment  . You can be as adventurous or imaginative as you wish for this question

  • All variables included
  • Your animal is a mammal
  • Your animal has a name

Question 2- Write a paragraph to describe the integument of your animal

  • Completed – “what does the coat of your animal look like – does it have fur?” why or why not?
  • Completed – “does your animal have horns or antlers? Why or why not?”
  • Completed – “what kind of feet does your animal have? Why?”

Question 3

Knowing your animal’s habits and habitat take a moment to think about how it might move. Would your animal be a biped, triped, quadruped…..? Is the terrain rocky or soft? Does it need to grasp or climb? Does it have a tail? Remember there Woolly Mammoth are no right/wrong answers although your decisions must be logical and defendable.

  • Completed – Draw and label a lateral view of the skeleton of your animal.

Pay particular attention to adaptations of the distal part of the limbs does the animal need to grasp or climb? Remember that the dorsal spines of the vertebrae shape the dorsal surface of the animal and that the ratios between the long bones will be different for animals designed for speed compared to those designed for climbing.

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