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ACCCT 300: Real Life Corporate Scandal- Accounting Case Study Assignment

Internal Code: MAS1669

Accounting Case Study Assignment:


Allocate a case which concerns a real life corporate scandal. For allocated case, students should answer the following questions:

1.What was the scandal? 2
2.How did they do it? 2
3.When did it take place, and who was involved? 2
4.Who were the stakeholders in this situation, and what was the impact of this violation on the stakeholders? 3
5.What accounting principle(s) they violated? 3
6.How did the misdeed affect the stock price? 2
7.Who were the auditors, and what role the auditors played in this incidence? 2
8.What were the lessons learned? 2
9.Format and presentation (physical layout, spelling, referencing 2

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