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PROJECT (PART 1): System Analysis and Design

TASK 1: Functional Requirements : 

You are required to describe IN DETAIL the functionalities and features of all modules that are to be implemented in the system. Each main module should be logically broken down into relevant sub-modules (or features). Use tables, diagrams, pictures, sketches, etc to clearly illustrate your ideas whenever appropriate. You should state how the modules are distributed among each team member.

TASK 2: Data Flow Diagram : 

You are required to construct the DFD (using standard notations as recommended by your supervisor) that models the proposed system, which should include:

  • Context Diagram
  • Diagram 0 DFD
  • Diagram 1 DFD: For any TWO (2) MAIN processes in Diagram 0 DFD, as being recommended by your supervisor.

TASK 3: Entity Relationship Diagram

Construct the ERD (using standard notations as recommended by your supervisor) that shows the relevant relationships and cardinalities between each database entity. Data Fields, primary keys and foreign keys should be shown clearly. You are REQUIRED TO RESOLVE any many-to-many relationship in the diagram (i.e. use intermediate tables so that there is no many-to-many relationship in your ERD).

TASK 4: Table Design

Based on the ERD, you are required to design the related database tables with relevant fields. Information such as table name, field name, data type, field size, format, primary key field, foreign key field, null or not null field, etc should be identified clearly. All tables should be presented in 3NF or higher form.

TASK 5: Report Design

You are required to design and produce FOUR (4) well-formatted (with header, title, sub-title, date time, etc) and USEFUL management reports. There must be at least ONE FOR EACH of the following type of management reports:

  • Detail/Transaction Report (with control breakpoint)
  • Summary Report
  • Exception Report

For each report, explain who would use the report and explain how the report would be useful to the users in making business decision.

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