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92572: An Analysis of a Contemporary Communication and Technology Platform – Communication Assignment

Internal Code: MAS3831

Communication Assignment:


1) Aided by the literature provided and the subject content, students are required to write an argument in the form of an essay using this statement to discuss the progression of communication and technology within healthcare

2) Analyse current literature and discuss how the internet has progressively changed the way society views health with reference to the following (you may use headings):
a. History and access. – i.e. consider why the health sector was the slowest to integrate the internet into its systems; remoteness of certain populations and gaps in the availability of the internet;

b. Integration of the internet into the health sector and patient-clinician communication – i.e. MyHealthRecord and eHealth;

c. Advancement of technologies (including social media and mobile technologies such as Apps) – i.e. the immediate availability of health information; health promotion; and the effect and impact on health practices both clinically and socially.

d. People – i.e. characteristics of different populations and their varying health needs.

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