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92329 Accountability in Nursing Practice – JANET AND MRS JORDAN

QUESTIONS [refer to “Janet & Mrs Jordan” scenario]

1. In the Original Version of the scenario:

2. In the Alternative Version of the scenario:

3. Make a reasoned response to the following statement:

“In both the Original and Alternative Versions of the scenario, Janet withdraws nor adrenaline and Mrs Jordan dies as a consequence. This shows that it would be better if euthanasia (and assisted suicide) were legalized: Janet would not be driven to take drastic action in the Original version, and Mrs Jordan’s death could be made more dignified in the Alternative version.”

4. Make a brief critical evaluation of this statement:

“In the Original Version of the scenario, Janet clearly acts as an advocate for her patient; and advocacy is an ethically important role for a nurse.”

5. Make an informed and reasoned evaluation of this statement:

“The difficulties and conflicts evident in both the Original and Alternative scenarios would not have arisen had Janet had the authority to write an NFR order for Mrs Jordan: legal and ethical problems could have been avoided, and all parties would have been better off. Yarling & McElmurry make a very sound case for their recommendation.”

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