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9027: Media, Technology & Society: Australian Vice- Research Report Assignment

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Research Report Assignment:

Australian Vice: our worst addictions revealed We are getting better on some of the baddest of bad habits, but the perils of the internet loom. “Addictive behaviours are among the greatest scourges on humankind.” That is the explosive opening line of a new study which has compared the worldwide prevalence of these compulsive bad habits for the very frst time. The big four – alcohol, smoking, illicit drugs and gambling – were chosen by the authors as their focus, and for good reason. “Tobacco and alcohol use are by far the most prevalent addictive behaviours and cause the large majority of the harm,” the authors said. We know they’re bad; we still dabble. The good news is we seem to be using these big killers less. Fewer Australians are problem drinkers (3.7 per cent) compared to the UK (12.1 per cent) and the US (7.8 per cent), the study published in the journal Addiction found. We are also lighter smokers than the British, with 20 per cent of us having a puf in the last year, compared to 22 per cent in the UK. But our illegal drug use seems to be comparatively high. Just over a tenth (10.3 per cent) of Australians smoke cannabis at least once in a 12-month period, compared to 5-7 per cent in the UK. And three per cent of us take ecstasy, compared to between 1.1 and 1.7 per cent in the UK. Task: The assessment is carried out in a number of stages: 1. Choose one of the 3 news media articles available on the Unit's Moodle site at Week 8. 2. From information contained in the news report on the academic research create a set of keywords to help you guide your search for the research article. Article and database searching will be presented in lectures. 3. Using your set of keywords search the journal databases to which the library university has access. Find the original research article and use Ulrichsweb to ascertain if the academic journal is peer-reviewed. 4. Critically analyse (compare/contrast & evaluate) the representation of the research in the news article. Examine whether there are news frames, narratives, ideologies and/or hegemonic ideas/values present in the news article representation of the academic research and/or particular news frames evident and critically reflect upon the presence/use of these. Argue whether or not the research has been represented accurately, objectively and in a balanced manner in the news article. Discuss whether qualitative and quantitative research methods were used and whether this is represented in the newspaper/magazine/online article. Indicate whether the academic research is peer-reviewed or not. 5. Include a minimum of 3 additional references from the Unit's readings in addition to the academic research and news media pieces in your analysis. References are not included in the word count. Use either the Harvard or APA referencing systems. NB: no footnotes or endnotes. Here is the link to the referencing guides made available by the UC Libraryhttp://canberra.libguides.com/referencing At the end of your piece include a list of References only of material cited in your essay. Do not include in your list of References material not cited in your essay. 6. Ensure your student number, title of assessment, tutorial day/time, referencing system used and word count are included at the beginning of your assignment before submitting it via the assignment dropbox on Moodle.
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