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700254 Rebecca and Joel Case Study Enterprise Law Assignment Help

Question ONE: Business entities 

Rebecca and Joel decide to go into business together following the completion of their studies at university. After extensive market research, they write up a business plan for an online florist to be named Fusion Flowers.   

Joel has recently inherited $50,000.00 which he contributes as start-up capital. Rebecca doesn’t have any savings but contributes her van, tools and other equipment. They agree to lease a small warehouse space from which to operate the business.  

The pair agree that Joel will pick up the flowers each day from the Flemington Markets while Rebecca will manage all customer enquiries and both will undertake deliveries. Profits will be split 50:50.  

After the first two weeks of operations, they are struggling to keep up with the orders and decide to hire Matthew to take care of deliveries.  
Over the next month the following events unfold:

(a) Without asking Rebecca, Joel orders some very rare (and expensive) orchids from Ooh Orchids believing that he would be able to sell them, however, Rebecca says she never would have agreed to this if she had been asked. Ooh, Orchids has demanded payment of the outstanding invoice of $1,500 from Rebecca.  

(b) While delivering some flowers the delivery driver gets caught in heavy traffic. Under pressure from Rebecca to get the flowers delivered on time to “a very important customer”, Matthew is speeding and crashes into a car stopped at a roundabout. Nobody is injured and the flower van is protected by a bar at the front, however, there is $5,000 of damage caused to the other driver’s car.  

(c) Without consulting Joel, Rebecca started a separate business selling flowers specifically for weddings. So far Fusion Flowers haven’t been supplying flowers to events as it would increase their insurance costs, however, Rebecca and Joel have previously discussed the lucrative nature of supplying the wedding industry.  

Discuss Rebecca’s potential liability. Support your response with relevant case authorities. 


Question TWO: Contracts 

Tanya lives in a small town in the Southern Highlands region of New South Wales. She is an avid fan of the 1990s pop group, Spicy Boys, and, in particular, of one of the group members, Beefy Spice. When Tanya heard that Spicy Boys were touring Australia as a part of their 2019 Reunion Tour, she immediately bought a ticket for their only scheduled Sydney concert on 17 September 2019, which cost her $600.00. 

Wanting to make the concert a memorable event for herself, Tanya decided that she would be chauffeur-driven from her home to Sydney and back on the day of the concert. To this end, she contracted Bentley Limo Service, and told Bentley about the concert, describing her passion for the group, and her admiration for Beefy Spice. She said that she wanted Bentley to drive her to the concert and back in Bentley’s stretch-limousine. Bentley offered to take the job for $1,500.00, and Tanya agreed. It was further agreed that Tanya would pay a deposit of $500.00 immediately, and the balance on the day of the concert. 
When Tanya arrived at Bentley’s place on 17 September 2019, she was told by Bentley’s wife that Bentley had just left on another job which was more profitable than the job he had agreed to do for Tanya.  

Tanya was devastated, as there were no other means by which she could get to the concert in Sydney, and it was clear that she would miss the concert.  

To make matters worse, Tanya discovered the next morning that the seat that she had been allocated had been selected as the ‘Door Prize’ winner. This prize was unadvertised and was a spontaneous gesture by the Spicy Boys to their dedicated fans, and would have entitled her to meet the group backstage and to be presented with a framed and signed photograph of the group. Unfortunately, a pre-requisite of the door prize was that she had to be in attendance at the time of drawing, or it would be forfeit. She has later discovered that such a photograph would have fetched a price of $9,000 on the collectibles market. 

Tanya seeks your advice as to what damages (if any) she might obtain against Bentley for breach of contract.  


Question THREE:  Contracts short answer Questions 

Jeremiah places the following listing on Gumtree: 
I have a large tree in my front yard that needs to be removed before the block can be subdivided. It is a 30-year-old maple and should take well to being transported as the roots of this species are shallow. I am prepared to sell it for $500 if you arrange for removal before 10 March 2018. 

In each of the separate scenarios below, advise Jeremiah as to whether an agreement has been reached for the purpose of creating an enforceable contract. Explain your reason(s) for reaching this conclusion with reference to legal authorities where appropriate.  
i. Abdul sends an email stating he is prepared to pay $450 for the tree but will not be able to pick it up until 20 March 2018. Jeremiah replies stating he can have the tree for $450 but would need to remove it by 15 March 2018 at the latest. Abdul says he can remove it on 15 March 2018 but is now only prepared to pay $350. Jeremiah responds by saying: “Yes, great news about the 15th, if you can make it $375 you’ve got yourself a deal.”  

ii. Bianca calls Jeremiah and states that she is interested in the tree. They arrange a time for her to inspect it. After walking around it silently for about 10 minutes, Bianca says “I’ll take it” and walks off to her car before Jeremiah has a chance to reply.  

iii. Mason emails Jeremiah late one night to say he will buy the tree for $500 and pick it up on 5 March 2018. When he wakes up the next day he realises there is no room for it and immediately sends Jeremiah another email stating that he is no longer interested in buying the tree. Jeremiah doesn’t see Mason’s second email and replies to the first one, stating: “It’s a deal.” 

iv. Stephanie calls Jeremiah (who doesn’t answer) and leaves a message saying she is on the way with $500 and a team of 5 tree removalists. She says she will leave the money in an envelope under the doorstep if he is not home. 


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