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700030: Managing People at Work- Western Sydney University- Organisations Competitive- Essay Writing Assignment

Internal Code: 1HACH

Essay Writing Assignment:


Topic: It is often asserted that employees are a significant source of competitive advantage. Analyse three human resource activities that can impact on employee performance and consequently enhance an organisations competitive advantage.

Students are required to write a 1250 word essay that includes scholarly research and follows formal essay structure.

Students are expected to present an essay with an introduction that includes a clear position on the question and supporting arguments (thesis and preview of essay), a series of body paragraphs which include evidence and evaluation, and, a conclusion which sums up each argument and the overall position and provides a final comment on the topic.

The essay must include a reference list and in-text citations. The reference list should follow the essay on a separate page, titled – References. The reference list should be listed in alphabetical order, in single line spacing and each entry on the reference list must be cited within the essay.

Students are required to use at least 5 scholarly journal articles. Students can supplement this research with textbooks and edited book chapters; government, industry, organisational and university websites; and, where appropriate, newspaper articles.

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