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6CC547: Network Management Justification – Networking

Internal Code: MAS6995

Networking Assignment

You are a self-employed Network Consultant and you have been approached by a small furniture manufacturer (Handmade Furniture Ltd.) to examine their network. Information discovered from an initial visit is in the case study on pages 4 & 5. Your initial findings have determined that the network is currently working within acceptable parameters, but you can see that there will be problems in the future unless they implement some additional infrastructure and a management plan in the very near future. Based on their past experiences, your client has also determined that the current arrangements for supporting their IT systems are not suitable. They have asked you to additionally consider how they can best support their IT function moving into the future. They understand that there are two basic approaches:

• Completely outsource all IT support.

• Employ their own IT support staff and completely manage and maintain IT support in-house.

They are unsure which approach is most suitable (or whether there are alternatives) and are asking for your advice. Part of this report will ask you to suggest and evaluate appropriate IT support options. The Managing Director has asked you to produce a briefing paper to be presented to the Board.


1) Justify why the company should implement a network management plan.

2) Describe and explain elements of a network management plan suitable for this organisation.

3) Explain and justify options for improving IT support.

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