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401006 – Bioscience 2 – Human Body Systems, Growth & Development – Assessment Answers

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Bioscience 2 – Human Body Systems, Growth & Development


Your tutor is the point of first contact for students who have queries relating to the unit. If you are unable to contact your Tutor please contact your Campus Coordinator. If the staff member is not available leave a telephone message, including your name and contact telephone number, alternatively, you can send an email. Email communication with academic staff must be via Western Sydney University student email accounts only. Emails sent from any non-Western Sydney University address will not receive a response. Student Email Accounts can be activated via the Western Sydney University Home page from Western Central.

This unit extends knowledge gained in Bioscience 1 and introduces nursing students to concepts associated with
alterations in health and wellness as a consequence of life transition. It includes an introduction to pathophysiology,
pharmacology, immunology and microbiology. The unit also focuses on the impact of microorganisms on the health
of people and the body’s natural defences, as well as pharmacological interventions, in dealing with infections and
injuries and its significance for nursing.

The University values student feedback in order to improve the quality of its educational programs. The feedback
provided helps us improve teaching methods and units of study. The survey results inform unit content and design,
learning guides, teaching methods, assessment processes and teaching materials. You are welcome to provide feedback that is related to the teaching of this unit. At the end of the semester you will be given the opportunity to complete a Student Feedback on Unit (SFU) questionnaire to assess the unit. You may also have the opportunity to complete a Student Feedback on Teaching (SFT) questionnaire to provide feedback for individual teaching staff.

Blended learning activities have been embedded throughout the unit content to enhance the student learning ex-
periences through the use of tutorials, clinical practice units, audio visual material, small group work, and online quiz material. Access to a computer and the internet is essential in order to be able to: access course materials; to
participate in discussion groups; and to access additional resources provided by the lecturer during the session. See for further information.

A tutorial is a small group activity that enables you to have lecture content explained by the tutor if required. You
will then be able to apply, explore and debate the content through interactive learning activities with other students.
Group work enhances student learning. Through planned group activities, and discussion with other students, you
will have the opportunity to clarify your own thoughts and understandings of unit concepts. Group work also offers
the opportunity to cooperate in a team situation and to learn skills that will assist you to work effectively in a health
care team.

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