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Task Description:
The purpose of this assignment is to give you exposure to using a content management system. For this course we will be using Drupal. Drupal is an open source content management system, which means that it is free to install and use. Drupal is being used to host numerous large-scale web sites (

As this course is about content management, you must use Drupal for this assignment. Do not code your web site directly using HTML and CSS, regardless of whether you think it will give your web site more functionality and flexibility. This is not the point of this course, and your assignment will not be marked if it is not implemented using Drupal.

Undertake the following tasks:
1. Create a hosting account and install Drupal. The hosting account should not cost you any more than $10 (e.g. Alternately you can use the free hosting providers (e.g. Pantheon at, or Acquia at If you have your own server, you may use it for the purposes of this assignment. Maintain the hosting account until you have received your assignment marks.

2. Once you have created the hosting account and the Drupal web site, please email your web site’s URL link to me at

3. Implement your web site design from the Blog 3 assignment using Drupal. You are encouraged to use as much of Drupal’s functionality as possible. You can also add extra modules to extend Drupal’s capabilities if required.

4. Put a link to your Drupal web site on your blog, and try to promote it using your blog and the course Facebook page.

You may work individually or in a group of up to three students.
1. If working individually, please implement from your Blog 3 design.
2. If working in a group, you will need to email your group member details to me at, by 11:59pm, Monday 11 Sept 2017. Your group will implement a design that is agreed upon, and chosen from one of your group member’s Blog 3 submission. Note that if you work in a group, your implementation should be indicative of the effort that a group should have over that of someone working


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