1803NRS: Foundations of Professional Nursing- Griffith University- Socoi-cultural & Political- Essay Writing Assignment

Internal Code: 1HJGF

Essay Writing Assignment:


The primary aim of assignment 3 is to give you further opportunity to develop academic writing skills while exploring topics that are integral to developing your understanding of the registered nurse (RN) role.

After completing this assignment, you will have an understanding of the historical, political and socio-cultural influences that shape healthcare and/or healthcare access in Australian society.

For this task you need to write an essay of 1500 words. In you essay you need to:

1. Identify and discuss two key influences that have shaped healthcare and/or healthcare access in contemporary Australian society. (The two influences must be from 2 different influencing categories, i.e. not 2 historical issues or 2 cultural issues)

2. Identify and describe how each influence has shaped healthcare and/or healthcare access

3. Discuss how each influence might continue to impact healthcare and the RN role.

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