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1534892016: Capitalisation of Net Income – Essay Writing Assignment Help

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Essay Writing Assignment


Essay Question: The Capitalisation of Net Income approach to the valuation of income producing property assets takes a ‘snapshot’ of the ‘subject’ property at the date of valuation and estimates market value based upon that ‘snapshot’. For this reason, the method has been described as a ‘static method’. Explain why this description might be justified and how the method accommodates the dynamic nature of property assets going forward.

The format of the assignment is an Essay Type.

You should ensure:

  • You use an appropriate structure with an introduction, main body, and conclusions
  • Presentation is of an appropriate academic and professional standard and demonstrate sound levels of competency in the use of grammar and spelling and with the appropriate use of headings, dot points, tables and figures where these facilitate clarity of expression and add to the dialogue. •
  • You demonstrate throughout, a reasoned, well-structured and analytical approach, in answering the question(s).   
  • Summary and conclusions are fully developed and supported within the main body of the text.
  • Appropriate referencing is used throughout.

The essay format.

  • Introduction – show an awareness of the scope of the question and a summary of how the answer is to be presented
  • Main Body of the Text – question(s) answered in a cogent, concise, logical and sequential manner capably supported by the use of industry based examples and the use of tables, graphs or other figures or visual aids that will assist in developing and sustaining the writer’s argument
  • Summary and Conclusions – concisely summarises the discussion detailed within the main text and draws conclusions arising out of that text which are sustainable. It is legitimate for conclusions to also question, repudiate or otherwise established practices or methods, and suggest alternative approaches or areas for further investigation and research.
  • Presentation – grammar, spelling, structure and general presentation quality
  • Referencing – Harvard Style is to be used – all references are to be cited.

All sources must be credible and comply with Australian Property Institute Standard.

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