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Art Architecture Assignment Help

Art and architecture is the study that encompasses three areas of human activities including:

  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Architecture

Broadly speaking, painting and sculpture come under the Art umbrella, whereas, Architecture is dealt specifically as a separate field of study. Art has been present since the Palaeolithic age, the earliest example being petroglyphs or cave paintings and inscriptions. However, the distinction between art as an aesthetic representation and craft as a mechanical representation has been made fairly recently. On the other hand, architecture is the process of intentionally positioning elements in a manner that appeals visually or sensually. In the course of time, art and architecture have come under intense academic criticism. Art and Architecture experts use numerous theoretical approaches to evaluate a piece of architecture or a work of art. TV Assignment Help provides unparalleled assistance in writing art architecture assignments using the various theoretical approaches. Our art architecture assignment help encompasses all assignments, thesis, essay and dissertation.

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